2000 units gas scooter finished delviery within two month

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Just yesterday, we completed the delivery of 2000 units gas moped scooter in CKD for our customers.Rotom is always delivery on time and give reliable quality of scooter. 

Rotom have very strong ability to supply motorcycle and electric motorcycle in CKD.It will help you save at least 15% cost.


1.       We supply the whole set of spare parts of e-scooters,from motors to screws.

2.       Each parts we have the bar codes on the marks,you can track it anywhere anytime in your factory(pictures attached).

3.       We will do a complete packing list to you, it is easier for you to control the parts in your factory(pictures attached).

4.       We make 100% inspection of all the parts supply you and we guarantee 100% rate of qualified products in your factory.

5.       We have more than 10 years experience in e-scooter CKD production and we know every details of the products and we have full experience in CKD parts transportation.

Welcome contact us if you interested in CKD items.


2021-01-12 15:14
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