ROTOM is committed to build the world's leading intelligent high-performance electric motorcycles and scooters. Therefor we have integrated the industry's leading resources, developed a series of products and provided a complete solutions.


First, we abandoned the traditional lead-acid batteries which are low efficiency, high pollution and short life, and chose the lithium batteries with long life, safety and reliability as our energy source. These batteries have effectively improved the performance of the vehicle. Considering their 8-10 years life and more than 2500 charging cycles, we believe that their limited cost increases are acceptable. We provide power supply solutions for more than 90% of electric motorcycles and scooters in the market. Some special designs make it suitable for various battery storage spaces. In addition, we also provide movable and replaceable solutions.


Meanwhile, in order to make the whole vehicle have more excellent performance, we have developed an integrated solution for intelligence electric vehicles, which includes high-performance motor, controller, intelligent instrument and vehicle control system (ECU) etc. These equipments cooperate with each other under precise control and work well, so that the performance of the whole vehicle has reached an unprecedented level. We have developed a custom APP, which is suitable for IOS and ADROID systems. Users can easily communicate with vehicles through mobile phones. The motorcycle is no longer a simple vehicle, but an intelligent travel robot.


Moreover, we believe that long waiting time for charging is intolerable, so we provide a convenient and removable dual battery design, and we have greatly improved the performance of the charger. Now you can choose a charger that can effectively shorten the charging time and fill up 95% of the power in one hour at the fastest. These measures stop you worrying about travel range.


ROTOM's integrated solution allows you to enjoy intelligent travel.


ROTOM wants to make an intelligent travel robot and allows you to enjoy intelligent travel.


ROTOM has great experience in CKD business, and is serving several of biggest motorcycle factories all over the world.


ROTOM is opposite of MOTOR, it means we want to make a different and totally new way to make motorcycles and electric motorcycles.

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